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The ArcheBooks Professional Novelist Workshop

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Getting Traditionally Published
...but they refused to tell you


"Bob Gelinas is brilliant -- and his Workshop brings together ALL you need to know, not only on how to build a story, but how to make it successful." 

John DeDakis, Bestselling Author of Fast Track

Editor for CNN's "Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer


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"Bob Gelinas' Professional Novelist Workshop is a 'must' for any professional or wannabe novelist because writing a good book is just the first step. Bob's hard-hitting workshop explores both the joys and the dark underbelly of the publishing industry. He includes technical trade secrets, financial truths -- everything you both need and want to know to create a successful career."

Prudy Taylor Board

Author of Murder a la Carte and A Grave Injustice


What will you learn?  Detailed Workshop Curriculum

Two Decades Worth of Hands-On Experience, Distilled into 2 Full Days of intensive
“Immersion Learning” instruction in:

  • How to Write a Commercially Viable Novel

    • What Sells and What Doesn't - And WHY

    • The Process of Crafting a Commercially Viable and Marketable Novel by Design

  • How to Get Your Novel Professionally Published

    • How to Find, Qualify and Secure the Services of an Effective Literary Agent

    • How to Write a Compelling Book Proposal that Sells Your Book to a Traditional Trade Publisher

    • Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Publishing Business and find out how it REALLY works

  • How to Market and Promote Your Published Novel

    • Online and Offline Tools, Tips, Techniques, and Secrets

    • Audience Development Made Easy


"I attended the ArcheBooks Publishing Novelist workshop when I was at the end of my query-letter-writing rope. What I ended up with was more than just a networking opportunity. I came away with an insane amount of information about writing, marketing, tapping into my specific niche, and using multiple mediums to promote both my work and myself. Just look me up on Google."

Sandy Lender

Author of Choices Meant for Gods


Workshop Instructor:  Robert E. Gelinas:

  • Co-Founder, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of ArcheBooks Publishing

  • Two decades of hands-on experience in the Publishing Industry

  • Author of Six Published Novels

    • Anticipation, Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books

      • Sold in a week and a half - at auction, among 7 major NY Houses, on a 48-page book proposal only

      • Lead Title - June 1993

    • Dead of Night, Pinnacle Suspense

    • Players, Kensington

    • Touch of a Stranger, Zebra Suspense

    • Dead Man's Run, ArcheBooks

    • The Mustard Seed, ArcheBooks

  • Editor of over 90 Hardcover Original Novels

  • Book Designer and Graphic Artist

  • Served on the Board of Directors of the Florida Writers Association for 5 years

  • Over 20 Years experience as a Corporate Sales & Marketing Executive, and consultant to entrepreneurs

  • Internet and E-Commerce Expert

  • Frequent Public Speaker, Teacher, and Lecturer


Workshop Costs:

"Overall, the information gained was more than worth the cost of the conference -- Great Job!  I even looked forward to getting up early to attend!" 

Linda Bilodeau

Author of Stepping Through Seagrass

Robert Gelinas, ArcheBooks Publishing Publisher and Editor-In-Chief provides you with 24 In-Depth Modules

The CD Edition also Includes a Special Bonus Module on Author Blogs by bestselling ArcheBooks
Author and Editor,
Sandy Lender, Author of Choices Meant for Gods

The ArcheBooks Novelist Workshop is available on a single Audio CD (MP3 files) for a cost of $299.00, plus normal shipping and handling charges. The CD contains 10.6 hours of classroom instruction along with the complete 116 page printed Course Workbook. All orders are non-refundable, with the exception of product damage/defect.  The Course Workbook and CD usually ships next business day, and will arrive by US Postal Service, Priority Mail (usually within 3 business days in the US). International orders to Canada, the UK, and Australia also available.

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Workshop Curriculum

Day 1: Morning Session

Creating a Commercially Viable Novel

I.             Do You Have What it Takes to be a Professional Novelist? (35:57) Listen now for Free!

a.      Ability – Natural Talent & Developed Skills

b.      Perspective – Art vs. Business: Scribbler or Professional?

II.            Where Great Ideas Come From  (24:13)

a.      Premise-Based Storytelling

b.      Character Driven, Plot Driven, or Both?

c.      Research and Life Experience

d.      It’s for the Audience, Stupid

III.          Structure and Plots: A Great Story by Design  (14:43)

a.      A Play in Three Acts by Any Other Name

b.      Genres, Tradition, Mythic Prototypes, and Adaptation

IV.          Memorable Characters  (5:36)

a.      3-D vs. Central Casting: It’s the Little Things that Make them Human

b.      Your Character Profile Sheet

V.           Scenic Visualization: Engineering the Roadmap (Synopsis)  (12:44)

a.      Showing not Telling (Action and Dialogue)

b.      Settings and Staging

c.      Point of View (POV)

d.     Storyboards and Spreadsheets

VI.         Penning the Tale  (26:31)

a.      The First Draft: Bone and Ligaments

b.      Second Draft: Pacing, Logic Holes and Fresh Ideas

c.      Third Draft: Sensualize

d.      Fourth Draft: Personalize

e.      Fifth Draft: Highlights

                                                            i.      Strong Opening, Climax and Ending

                                                           ii.      Your Five “Memorable” Scenes

f.       Sixth Draft through X Draft: Polish, Polish, Polish

                                                            i.      Style and Voicing

                                                           ii.      Grammar and Typos

                                                          iii.      Manuscript Formatting

VII.          Beta Testing the New Product: Test Market Revisions  (7:29)


Day 1: Afternoon Session

Getting Your Novel Published

VIII.       History and Contemporary Analysis of the Publishing Industry  (34:42)

a.      The High Road and the Low Road: What is a Bestseller?

b.      Major Publishing Houses: New York Style

c.      Small, Independent Presses

d.      Vanity/Subsidy Presses (Self-Publishing)

IX.          Marketing 101: The Book Proposal  (27:34)

a.      Selling vs. Telling

b.      Answering all the Big Questions

X.           Literary Agents and Why You Need One  (33:18)

a.      The Anatomy of a Literary Agent

b.      What Literary Agents are Looking For

c.      Contract Terms Critical to Know and Understand

d.      How to Get a Good Agent and the Care and Feeding of Literary Agents

XI.          The Publishing Process from Contract to Release and Beyond  (42:58)

a.      Buying “Years” in Advance: The Interminable Wait

b.      Editing and Revisions

c.      Copy Editing and Galleys

d.      Cover Art and Blurbs

e.      Print Runs and Advance Promotion

f.       Distribution and Sales Scenarios

g.      Backorders, Returns and “Out-of-Print”

h.     “Great Expectations”

i.       Literary Orphans

XII.        Compensation: The Truth About Advances and Royalties  (1:03:29)

a.      The Illusion of Fame and Fortune

b.      Alternative Models


Day 1 Wrap Up


Day 2: Morning Session

Marketing and Promoting Your Book

XIII.      The Goal: Audience Development NOT Merely Book Sales  (28:46)

a.      Welcome to the Entertainment Industry

b.      Availability Does Not Equal Demand Creation

c.      Should You Hire a Publicist/PR Firm?

d.      Perpetual Marketing

e.      Your Marketing Plan

XIV.       Promotional Tools  (26:27)

a.      What Your Publisher May Do For You (or Not)

b.      Collaterals (Posters, Flyers, Bookmarks, T-shirts, etc.)

c.      You

XV.       Book Signings  (37:24)

a.      Why and Why Not

b.      Preparation and Logistics

c.      What to DO and NOT DO at the Event


Day 2: Afternoon Session

XVI.      Press Releases (Print Media)  (25:17)

a.      Who to Target

b.      Making Your Book Newsworthy: Finding a Hook

XVII.    Broadcast Media (Radio and Television)  (18:15)

XVIII. Author Websites & Blogs  (34:03) Plus Bonus Module by Sandy Lender (38:38)

a.      Benefits and Issues

b.      The Most Important Elements

c.      Construction, Development, Web Hosting, Costs, etc.

XIX.      Trade Events (40:05)

a.      Conventions

b.      Panels and Book Dealers

XX.        Advertising  (32:00, includes Module XXI)

a.      Budgeting and Ad Agencies

b.      Trade Publications

c.      Event Programs

d.      Internet

XXI.      Alternative Events (Included in Module XX)

a.      Wherever they are gathered…

b.      Sell Books!

XXII.   Fan Database, Mailings and Newsletters  (27:55, Includes Modules XXIII & XXIV)


Workshop Wrap-Up

XXIII.   Your Next Book  (time included in Module XXII)

a.      Publisher Options on future Works

b.      Trilogies, Series, and Franchises

c.      The Cumulative Effect of Audience Development

XXIV.  Putting Knowledge Into Action  (time included in Module XXII)

a.     Revising Your Existing Manuscript or Starting from Scratch

b.     Test Marketing Your Finished Manuscript

c.     Developing Your Query Letter and Book Proposal

d.     Researching Target Literary Agents and Publishers

e.     Developing Your Marketing Plan

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