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If You Only Knew
Laura E. Reagan


Grace Byron’s plan is simple enough—travel from Savanna to Sweetwater, New Mexico Territory, as a mail-order bride and thus preserve the true identity of the man she is going to meet, a man she holds very dear. But she’s reckoned to do so without the twists that Fate is planning. When her stage is held up, the robbers mistakenly think she’s part of their booty, but soon find this Georgia beauty is really a spitting hellcat, one who knows how to use a gun. She wounds one man and kills another before she’s hit on the head. 


When Cole Pierce mounts his horse and heads to town, his plan is simple enough—to meet the stage and bring Grace Byron back to marry his ailing friend, but without the danger of a stage holdup. After he helps rescue the passengers, he certainly never anticipates having two Graces to choose from: one unconscious, and another with amnesia. Cole decides the one who’s still unconscious, a matronly woman, must be his friend’s mail-order bride, and the firebrand with a flame of red-gold hair has to be the new saloon girl. 


She simply can’t be his friend’s promised bride. Because from the moment Cole looks into her green eyes, he wants her more than he’s ever wanted a woman. And he knows he’s going to marry her, even if he has to use every trick he knows to convince her of why she should marry him.


Rating:  R  Adult Language, Violence, Adult Content


Words:  86,336


Pages:  Hardcover 288, eBook 379 (PDF) 


File Size:  1.47MB (PDF) 


Pub Date:  12/14/2004


ISBN:  Hardcover 1-59507-051-6, eBook 1-59507-052-4  
Price:  Hardcover $27.99/£18.99, eBook $3.99
 Kindle $9.99


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