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A Wild Dream of Love

By Tina Murray



Kipp Demming rides the wave of fame and debauchery that rock-n-roll offers until he can take no more.

Imagine a lead singerís surprise to learn that a plain girl looking for her next step in life could hold his happy ever after.


Beryl Northgate is just as surprised when she looks deep into her obsessionís eyes and sees him changing into the kind of man who finally understands his purpose. Itís a shame heís wanted for murder.


However, eight years after her romantic dreams came true, Poppy Demming finds herself suspected of murder while grieving the possible suicide of her lovechild. Itís too much to bear, especially when her movie star husband keeps her in conflict as he works to protect his family. Who knew how that family would expand in light of love?


When movie-queen Lennox Cordova threatens to expose the past, superstar Heston Demmingís life spirals into a whirlwind of danger, deceitóand murder?


Will old secrets be unearthed and lives destroyed? Or will unseen forces guide the destiny of the Demming familyís entertainment dynasty?


Come join Heston, Poppy, and their children as they seek passion, artistic fulfillment, and spiritual awakening along the sunny shores of wealthy, glitzy, tropical FloridaóNaples, Miami Beach, and the Florida Keys. In this sequel to A Chance to Say Yes, youíll discover romance, revengeóand redemption?


And a rock-music legend to die for...



 [PG] Adult Situations




 Hardcover 308

Pub Date:



 ISBN(10) 1-59507-235-7
 ISBN(13) 978-159507-235-1
 eBook 1-59507-236-5


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 Kindle $9.99


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