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The Don Juan Con
Sara Williams


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“No price too high does an original bear and The Don Juan Con is the quintessential example.  This story must be told, that’s why I am making the Flick.”
Robert Evans, Legendary Hollywood Producer
(Chinatown, The Godfather, Rosemary's Baby)

This complex and ever-twisting thriller is torn from the headlines of actual events, an all-too-common crime that often goes unreported and unpunished.  In The Don Juan Con a flamboyant swindler calling himself Anthony Abruzzi wines and dines unsuspecting women from one end of the country to the other, seducing them into marrying him within days of meeting him.  Yet just before the lavish whirlwind weddings are to take place, he disappears, absconding with whatever assets, meager or mighty, his victims possessed.

Yet when he makes the mistake of jilting and bankrupting Angie Reynolds, a designer living in DeLeon, FL, his fortunes are about to be reversed.  With the help of police detective Joe Vensure, Angie meticulously hunts Anthony down, following his trail of broken-hearted and devastated victims.  She is further shocked to discover that not all of his marks were merely jilted -- some are dead.  It becomes a race against time itself when she discovers that her own mother may be his next victim.  And nothing can prepare her for learning the mysterious secret of her own past that started it all.

“Novelist Sara Williams delivers a thriller as compelling as the romantic legendary Don Juan himself.  Sara’s sharp dialogue and succinct word pictures put you in the middle of a first-rate suspense novel showing what a woman can do with a proper mind set.  Sara Williams is a superior new stylist who is charting her own course.”

Barbara Oehlbeck

Renowned Columnist and Biographical/Historical

Author of The Sabal Palm


"Williams paints a vivid portrait of a slimy-but-fascinating antagonist readers will love to hate."

Ad Hudler

Author of Southern Living: The Novel


"We choose the wrong partners to punish ourselves.  That's the Don Juan Con.  Here is a modern retelling of a classic theme in fiction."

Richard Fadem, PhD

Literature Professor Emeritus

The Don Juan Con is a breathless page-turner, filled with twists and surprises, rich in setting from a small town in Florida to the archipelago islands of the Pacific Northwest.  Don't miss it!

Rating:  R   Adult Content, Graphic Sexual Content, Violence


Words:  91,248


Pages:  Hardcover 316, eBook 415 (PDF) 


File Size:  1.33MB (PDF) 


Pub Date:  11/05/2003


ISBN:  Hardcover 1-59507-011-7, eBook 1-59507-006-0  
Price:  Hardcover $24.99/£18.99
 eBook $3.99
 Kindle $9.99

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