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The Serenoa Scandal
Sara Williams


The Serenoa Scandal is a fascinating blend of murder and mayhem, of love and loss, and human drama played out against a backdrop that ranges from Florida's cattle ranches to the New York Commodities Exchange. Sara Williams is a gifted writer who writes smoothly, silkily against either background. This is a book you don't want to put down and when you've finished the last page, you want more.


Prudy Taylor Board

Author of Murder a la Carte

The first in the Recipes for Murder Series


“A timely novel that says much about Florida politics, big money, and a landscape that supports both sugar and cattle as well as intriguing characters who reflect a portion of Florida's diverse heritage.”


Richard Fadem, Ph.D.

Professor of English, Emeritus

Reading the Serenoa Scandal was a pure delight.  Sara Williams has captured the heart, soul and essence of southern Florida in this work. Time and again, I found myself startled at twists in plot when I was sure I had the culprit bagged and tagged. Sara Williams is now on my must read list along side Jeff Patterson and Sue Grafton. 

Jake George, Author, Grandfather’s Song


A prominent South Florida rancher is murdered in cold blood in his wife’s arms. The DEA raids her beloved Serenoa Ranch and seizes her property. The harassing phone calls start—again. For Maya Menecal, her idyllic life is thrust into a horrifying nightmare.


Puttnam Jorgenson, the editor of the local newspaper in the small town of Sabal Springs, Florida comes to the rescue, inviting his close friend and former DEA agent, John Spyers, from Maui, Hawaii to join him on a twisting and turning investigation into conspiracy, political corruption, and murder—all designed to conceal a deadly secret that could tear a community and an entire state apart.


This strongly character-driven page-turner is sure to delight all true Mystery-Suspense aficionados. Sara Williams’ characters leap off the page and into your hearts. Her intricate story is woven from the threads of the true-crimes and scandals she investigated and reported as a journalist.


Rating:  PG-13 Violence, Adult Language


Words:  116,141


Pages:  Hardcover 392, eBook 520 (PDF) 


File Size:  1.51MB (PDF) 


Pub Date:  7/22/04


ISBN:  Hardcover 1-59507-033-8, eBook 1-59507-034-6  
Price:  Hardcover $28.99/£19.99, eBook $3.99,
 Kindle $9.99

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