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One Big Itch

[Sequel to The Serenoa Scandal]


By Sara Williams


John Spyer is back!     


     “Watch yourself, John Spyer. This Haverhill business will bite you in the okole. Every move you make as a detective will work against the very client you try not to represent.

     “Set foot once more in the Nuuanu Valley, Spyer, and you pay with the love of your life. You face down your own ghosts. You put to test one lady you do not deserve. Just who is Maya Menecal to you, John Spyer? Just what she feel when she find out who you been in love with all these years? Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Yeah?

     “Spyer brah? Bring Madam some gin?”


One Big Itch is set in Honolulu, the playful tropical city that’s also haunted, as Detective John ‘Oluhana Maalaea Spyer well knows. Too bad Spyer is a hapa haole (ha-pa how-lee), a half white, and so pays only half attention when Madam Pele herself warns him off the Randolph Haverhill case.


No decent Hawaiian ever says no to an old friend, which makes Spyer the quintessential “soft boiled” detective. Despite Madame Pele’s warnings, Spyer investigates the death of his childhood pal Randy Haverhill, opening his own psychic wounds and putting the love of his mainland girlfriend Maya to the test.


Spyer is soon privy to a frightening tale of obsessive love. Trouble is, Randy became too popular with the ladies for his own good. It appears that one of Randy’s crazed lovers shot Randy on his doorstep.

So why do the police persist in the notion that Randy was murdered by his own son?


One Big Itch — the Buzz Begins with Dozens of Glowing Reviews...

 “Sara Williams channels her inner Raymond Chandler with One Big Itch, an addictively readable tale set in Hawaii and featuring detective John Spyer.  It abounds with local color and Hawaiian lore, and the story moves along at a fast clip as it builds toward the cliffhanger climax.  You won’t see the end coming.”

Eileen Goudge New York Times best-selling author of THE DIARY


“One Big Itch  will blow you away like the wind off The Pali. Here’s one novel with a real sense of place and a most intriguing hero.”

Bob Morris, author of  A DEADLY SILVER SEA


“If you love characters, One Big Itch has plenty of them.  If you love location, you'll fall in love with Sara's Hawaii, and if you love a suspenseful, race to the finish plot, One Big Itch will give you all you want.  What a great read!”

Don Bruns author of BAHAMA BURNOUT


“One Big Itch is one wild ride!  With her quirky characters and rollercoaster plot, Sara Williams weaves a slyly entertaining tale that combines the lush Hawaiian landscape of travelogues with the gritty reality of its urban streets.  Alive with authentic native voices, this fast-paced mystery will leave you wanting to hop the next plane for a tropical adventure of your own."

Diane A.S. Stuckart  author of PORTRAIT OF A LADY, 2nd in the Leonardo da Vinci mystery series


"As if a page-turner of a murder mystery isn't enough, One Big Itch also offers up an explosion of glorious Hawaiian color: expanses of mountain and sea, legends of native royalty, lots of local patois, and pizzas loaded down with pineapple, ham, and edible flowers. Not to mention a private investigator with a taste for Drambuie and vintage sports cars. Riding the New York subway, I almost felt I was in Diamond Head." 

Matthew Goodman, author of The SUN AND THE MOON: The Remarkable True Account of Hoaxers,

Showmen, Dueling Journalists, and Lunar Man-Bats in Nineteenth-Century New York


"I love books that immerse me in a relatively unknown culture, and Williams' book does just that with Hawaii. I have no need to visit Aloha-land anymore because One Big Itch takes me there -- I could almost smell the plumeria!"

Ad Hudler, author of  SOUTHERN LIVING and MAN OF THE HOUSE


“Anyone hungry for a taste of the islands will devour One Big Itch."  Elizabeth Becka/Lisa Black,  forensic  mystery novelist

“One Big Itch  is a gritty tale of murder and intrigue set against a lush tropical backdrop. The mysterious Hawaiian Islands are the perfect foil for the conflicted John Spyer. One Big Itch is a swirling trip through traditional native culture, modern mores and viscous human emotions. Read it and enjoy it.”



“One Big Itch is the real deal—a fascinating murder mystery with more shakeups than a Hawaiian volcano. Sara's latest novel is a start-to-finish riveting read with a carefully planned plot. Say Aloha to this Florida resident writer extraordinaire.”



“Spyer is an appealing mixture of John D. MacDonald’s Travis Magee and Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer, with an exotic locale thrown in for spice. Williams has caught the rhythm and feel of the Hawaiian life and lifestyle. Her characters are real, three-dimensional, interesting people, whose actions grown naturally out of their characters, not some arcane plot demands. And the plot of One Big Itch is a gem, with layer upon layer unfolding as Spyer investigates the murder of a childhood friend.”

Rodger Nichols, editor THE DALLES CHRONICLE


“I love a good mystery that keeps me on the edge and One Big Itch fits the bill.  Just when I thought we couldn’t have another twist Private Investigator John Spyer comes up against one more.  The added benefit is all the Hawaiian culture woven through out and makes me yearn to return to Hawaii.”

Barrie-Louise Switzen THE WOMAN’S CONNECTION®


“Absorbing the Hawaiian spirit in every line of One Big Itch is the next best thing to an island getaway and it provides a perfect contrast to the head-spinning murder mystery that confronts John Spyer. The plot twists continuously amazed me.”



“One Big Itch  is one great book, yeah? It kept one ghosthunting writer turning the pages wikiwiki. Mahalo for one fun read.”

John Kachuba, author of GHOSTHUNTERS: On the Trail of Mediums, Dowsers, Spirit Seekers and Other Investigators of America's Paranormal World.


“One Big Itch is an erotic poi-pourri of Hawaiian intrigue brimming with deceitful hula-gans. From beginning to end, One Big Itch twists and turns dizzingly and will have you reeling.”

William Tomicki, Editor and Publisher, ENTRÉE Travel Newsletter.


“The city and environs of Honolulu are brought to life in One Big Itch.  The reader can almost feel the warm trade winds and see the mountains rising above the city through the descriptive phrases…Mystery lovers will embrace the twists and turns of the well-plotted story line and be sorry to leave behind the many-faceted characters when the book ends.” 

Susan Campbell, Author STAINED GLASS WINDOWS, co-author/editor POTAWATOMI TRAIL OF DEATH

“One Big Itch…is full of twists, turns and bumps in the road. Just when you think you know where you are going, there’s a “Y” in the road that takes you another direction.  When you think that John Spyer has given the mystery away, the story is not over yet…and what a great format for summer reading, a magazine I can roll up and read in my lawn chair.  Put some nice hula music on your IPOD, lay back and let Sara Williams escort you to this sunny Hawaiian  Island for a fast and exciting adventure.”

Connie Walle, Poet and director, DISTINGUISHED AUTHOR SERIES


“Enduring the last, dragging days of a lingering northern Michigan Winter as I was, Sara Williams' One Big Itch came as a welcome diversion. A great story with a strong plot, shared with Williams' unique voice, allowing this Missaukee County boy to escape Spring doldrums and visit the sweet, warm islands of Hawaii. Mahalo nui loa, Sara... and people are wondering why I'm calling everyone ‘Bra’."



“One Big Itch takes readers on a trip to the tropics laced with liberal splashes of murder, mayhem and steamy romance. Author Sara Williams knows Hawaii and it shows. Rich Hawaiian language incorporated into clever dialogue and vivid cultural descriptions (along with a helpful glossary) add authenticity and interest. And, the travel-friendly magazine format makes it a perfect read for killing time in airports and on long flights.”  

Lynne R. Christen, Freelance Travel Journalist, Author of TRAVEL WISDOM


“Sara Williams takes her readers on a joyride with a bunch of crazy, wonderful, lovable characters in One Big Itch.”

Maureen Bashaw, Freelance Arts & Entertainment writer


“Sara Williams’ fast paced novel brings the reader a taste of South Pacific culture in her murder mystery, “One Big Itch.”   Set on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, the clever use of Hawaiian island slang terms and words allows the reader the perspective of a local.  Escape to the Islands, blend yourself a Mai-Tai and enjoy this romp in paradise.”

Mike Hollywood, travel writer/author, PALAU ISLANDS & COOK ISLANDS HANDBOOKS


“I love a good mystery that keeps me on the edge and One Big Itch fits the bill. Just when I thought we couldn’t have another twist Private Investigator John Spyer comes up against one more.  The added benefit is all the Hawaiian culture woven through out and makes me yearn to return to Hawaii.”

Barrie-Louise Switzen THE WOMAN’S CONNECTION®


“Obsessive exotic setting. And throw in quite a bit of Hawaiian culture. How can you miss? One Big Itch starring Hawaiian P.I. John Spyer is a welcome addition to genre”

David Wilkening, freelance author of books, magazine articles and newspaper stories


“One Big Itch is a high-energy mystery cocktail laced with more than a little Hawaiian punch. Sara Williams’ novel is a glorious blend of the Island of Oahu with all of its fragrances, tastes and textures, all the voices and patois, and all the good sense and superstition of its varied population. Hawaiian P.I. John Spyer is a man of intelligence, loyalty, sensitivity, humor, and heart – whose exploits readers can only hope will be continued.”



“One Big Itch is a compelling story I didn't want to put down. I could smell the Hawaiian countryside, described it to a "T"… And the plot? Down to the wire in good readin'!”

Edna Wheless, editor/owner/publisher, DESOTO PARISH TODAY



 “Williams crafts another riveting page-turner not to be missed. One Big Itch weaves fascinating Hawaiian culture with twists and turns spurred by obsessive love, a murder, and a John Spyer investigation.”

Diana Donlon, Editor/ Publisher, WOMEN’S OUTLOOK MAGAZINE   


One Big Itch is a page turner of a murder mystery….Spyer is an intriguing, fully-fleshed character.  The well-crafted plot races toward a suspense-filled climax.  The setting is the still beautiful Hawaii of haves and have nots that tourists seldom, if ever, see.  A splendid read!”

Prudy Taylor Board, BOCA RATON NEWS


“To me, the most interesting aspect of One Big Itch is not the mystery itself or even the considerable sexual exploits of some of the characters, It is the Hawaiian lore, starting with the title, for in Hawaiian, an “itch” means sex. The context is superb….”

Charles Ashbacher, AMAZON REVIEWER



Rating:  [PG] Adult Situations, Graphic
 Violence, Adult Language.


Words:  115,431


Pages:  ArcheBookZine 144
 eBook 421 (PDF) 


File Size:  1.93 MB (PDF) 


Pub Date:  7/1/2009


ISBN:  ArcheBookZine
 ISBN(10): 1-59507-197-0
 ISBN(13): 978-159507-197-2
 eBook 1-59507-198-9
Price:  ABZ $14.95/£9.99
 eBook $3.99

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