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Murder a la Carte

Prudy Taylor Board


Murder A La Carte, a fitting title for a book that from the first pages of the prologue pulls mystery fan readers deeper and deeper into the action, leaves romance readers aching and yearning, and avid readers of any genre—even foodaholics, drooling and hungry. The final moments of Prudy Taylor Board’s fast moving mystery novel left me gasping, and mortally afraid for our world as we now know it.”

Virginia B. Elliott

Author of How to Board up Your Kitchen and Cook from a Hammock and The Romantic Tomato. Former South Florida Television talk show host and frequent cooking show guest.


"This book is a non-stop fun ride through mayhem, delectable menu items and some delightfully quirky romance neatly mixed together in a deliciously malicious treat.   Don't miss it.  Don't even be late."


Stuart M. Kaminsky
Bestselling Author
Former National President of Mystery Writers of America



Clyde Colby is the host of a Miami-based TV cooking show. She—yes she—was also an accomplished investigative reporter earlier in her career. When on assignment at the Far Horizons beach resort on Rattlesnake Key to do a show featuring acclaimed chef Henri Doucette, she finds new friends, a lover—and murder.


The delicious web of conspiracy grows more intricate and elusive as more bodies turn up, a newspaper reporter is savagely beaten, and one of the resort’s maids—who has befriended Clyde—mysteriously disappears. Clyde is determined to unravel the sinister happenings at Far Horizons, or as the locals call it, the infamous Last Resort. Yet she has no idea what peril awaits her.


This is a succulent treat for all mystery-suspense lovers, spicy and delectable in every twist and turn. It will leave you hungry for more.

Rating:  R   Adult Content, Language, Violence, Some Sexual Content


Words:  88,311


Pages:  Hardcover 280, eBook 381 (PDF) 


File Size:  1.26MB (PDF) 


Pub Date:  05/31/2004


ISBN:  Hardcover 1-59507-030-3, eBook 1-59507-029-X  
Price:  Hardcover $27.99/£18.99, eBook $3.99  


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