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All the Diamonds in the World

By Mark Guscin



All the excitement of a Da Vinci Code plot, but with the historical knowledge of Umberto Eco and a passionate story of love and romance. The book is a fascinating blend of historical novel, thriller, love story and spiritual search for freedom. A middle-aged historian quietly in search of manuscripts and icons finds himself mixed up with a murdered monk in a remote monastery on Mount Athos, a beautiful woman and a mysterious age-old association known as the Brotherhood of the Holy Face, who would stop at nothing to recover the icon in question which they believe holds the key to world peace ... or world war. The double chase takes us at a hectic pace through Greece, Italy and Cappadocia (Turkey). 


Flashbacks to the Byzantine Empire, its wars, saints and power-crazed adulteresses, and to the Fourth Crusade in 1204, through the eyes of a contemporary chronicler, add to the adventure and give us the background to the icon the historian is looking for. He eventually finds it in the north of Italy.





 [PG-13] Violence, Adult Situations




 Hardcover 278

Pub Date:



 ISBN(10) 1-59507-233-0
 ISBN(13) 978-159507-233-7
 eBook 1-59507-234-9


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