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Dragon Tales & Stories - Book One
Dragons and Wolves
Drew Henriksen

"A nail-biting Tour de Force! I havenít read such a thrilling page-turner in years. Superb!"

Robert E. Gelinas
Author of The Mustard Seed

Over 400 years in the future, mankind has been driven to a nomadic existence. Being preyed upon by werewolves and fellow human Raiders, the last of the human tribes live a life afraid, and on the runósmelting silver for bullets and knives. How the werewolves came about is a mystery. Yet, there are also stories of dragons laying waste to both humans and werewolves alike. No one knows which of these ancient tales are true. What is known is that humanity may be hunted out of existence.

In this struggle for survival, two young lovers fight to have a normal life. An innocent night of passion together could be the undoing of all the tribe has achieved for generations. What lies ahead for them, Dragons or Wolves?

This magical, mystical fantasy is not for children or the faint of heart. Itís raw and visceralóas sharp as the teeth of the wolf tearing out a throat, and as hot as the dragons breath, incinerating all in its path.


Click the Book Cover to the right to learn about Book Two of Dragon Tales & Stories: The Dragon & The Detective

Rating:  R  Graphic Violence, Sexual Content, Graphic Adult Language


Words:  88,716


Pages:  Hardcover 280, eBook 376 (PDF) 


File Size:  3.86MB (PDF) 


Pub Date:  8/13/2004


ISBN: Hardcover 1-59507-040-0, eBook 1-59507-041-9  
Price: eBook $3.99, Hardcover $27.99/£18.99  

Illustrations by Jon Naughtin (Sample below)



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