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Sara Williams 

Sara Williams is the author of three mystery novels, the most recent, One Big Itch set in Hawaii. The second, The Serenoa Scandal takes place in Florida. Her first novel, The Don Juan Con, is a cross-country chase from Florida to Washington State.


Ms. Williams was born in Deer Park, Washington just north of Spokane and considers schooling on both eastern and western campuses an important part of her education. She attended The George Washington University in Washington D.C. and earned her B.A. degree in English literature at the University of Washington, Seattle.


Sara was inspired to write when working as a legislative intern under the direction of a U.S. Senator in D.C. and attending classes at George Washington. While doing a paper for an American Studies class, Sara located a Walt Whitman document in the Library of Congress that many scholars had thought to be lost. This experience taught her a valuable lesson: Since a writer’s works are shelved in the world’s most formidable library, the work should be worthy of the shelf space.


Williams met and married a N.Y. magazine editor and they settled in Brooklyn Heights to write novels. Due to her husband’s untimely death, Williams bounced back to Seattle and took a job as P.R. Director of the Washington Dairy Commission. Shortly afterwards she met her current husband Bill at a regional advertising convention at Rosario Resort on Orcas Island in the American San Juans. They have been married some thirty years. They have two sons born on Maui, whose lives were much enriched by close relations with Bill’s older children, a daughter and two sons.  


The Williams’ now divide their time between a winter home in Fort Myers, where Sara had been a newspaper columnist and staff writer for many years. They have a summer residence on Orcas Island, while making frequent visits to Hawaii. They also spend considerable time at LTU Villas a resort in Negril, Jamaica owned by Bill Jr. “Jamaica Bill,” whose Cuban heritage inspired Sara’s Maya Menecal character in One Big Itch.


Bill and Sara were blue water sailors whose Pacific crossings include the San Juan Islands to Southern California and Hawaii. Sailing trips from the Florida Gulf include the Gulf of Mexico and Isla Mujeres; Honduras, Belize, and the Rio Dulce river in Guatemala.  

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Available from ArcheBooks Publishing:

  • The Don Juan Con, Mystery-Suspense, Hardcover ISBN 1-59507-011-7, eBook 1-59507-006-0

  • The Serenoa Scandal, Mystery Suspense, Hardcover ISBN 1-59507--33-8, eBook 1-59507-034-6

  • One Big Itch, Mystery-Suspense, ArcheBookZine, ISBN 1-59507-197-0, eBook 1-59507-198-9


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