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K. D. Kragen

K. D. Kragen is a freelance philosopher, writer, editor and homemaker, who lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington, with his wife, Janet (writer and educator).

Mr. Kragen is also the author of The KillWare Chronicles, a two-novel compendium of KillWare and The Wastes, also available from ArcheBooks Publishing.

You may write to Mr. Kragen at

You can visit Mr. Kragen's websites at:, http://killware.com



Available from ArcheBooks Publishing:

  • Plagueman, Historical, ISBN 1-59507-104-0 Hardcover, ISBN 1-59507-105-9 eBook

  • The KillWare Chronicles, ISBN 1-59507-022-2
    Two Volume Hardcover Edition of both KillWare & The Wastes

  • KillWare, ISBN 1-59507-020-6, eBook

  • The Wastes, ISBN 1-59507-021-4, eBook



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