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Drew Henriksen


Drew holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Medical Technology/Biomedical research from the State University of New York at Fredonia, a Master of Science degree in Immunology / Medical Biology from the C. W. Post campus of Long Island University, and a Post Masters Certification in Science Education from Dowling College. 

After years of being a laboratory supervisor for North Shore University Hospital, he began teaching science at Amityville Memorial High School in New York, right down the street from the famous Amityville Horror house.   Studying the martial arts under Renshi George Santiago, he is now a Sensei at Master Santiago’s Bushido Karate dojo in Islip, New York.  

Writing and BSing has always been a hobby for Drew.  He likes to take the world of science and throw a monkey wrench into its thought process.  He feels that nobody knows it “all”, and loves to prove it.  Teaching high school biology and forensic Science for Syracuse University has proven more rewarding than lab work.  Everyday you learn something new.

You may contact Mr. Henriksen at  

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